Indian Paratroopers – Special Forces of India

We don’t count the military personnel of Indian army among the celebrities, but they are the real heroes. They don’t need fame or stardom, all they want is our blessings. Similarly, Indian Paratroopers fight for the country and that’s not an easy task. For this India has Armed Forces, Air Force and Navy.

The toughest task force in India – Indian paratroopers special forces. It is part of the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment. The paratroopers are known as the ‘Elite Infantry’ by the Indian army.  Their motto- “Men apart, every man an emperor” (Shatrujeet). Formation of paratroopers occurred in 1966 as one of the oldest and toughest airborne units in the world.

The main motive of the paratroopers is to go behind enemy lines and destroy their first line of defense. It is a kind of crack force which helps the main army in order to defeat the enemies from across the border. Because of this the young and physically fit individuals are taken as they are motivated, intelligent, mentally and physically fit, innovative. Moreover, they are more responsive towards dangerous situations.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria for paratroopers are the toughest and hardest. During the selection of paratroopers, there is regular checking of their willpower, mental and physical ability. Also, their curriculum is very tough. They have to go through mental and physical torture, stress, pain, fear. Some deaths are also reported on the training. Only 10% of the candidates clear the test. A lot of them gave up in between. There are many tests, one of those is:

The test of willpower-

In order to check the willpower of personnel, they have to give the test to prove if they are willing to do the task. Their test is taken in 3 rounds where in every round they have to run for 5km. For this, they have to carry heavy logs for 5km continuously. They don’t even drink water for 9 hours.


The training of paratroopers is basically about 3.5 years, which is the longest continuous training all over the world. The Airborne training to the paratroopers is given in the paratrooper training school which is in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Their day starts with the 20km run.

Indian pratroopers training

They have to carry heavy weight nearly 60kg and a lot of weight lifting. Paratroopers mainly train in parachuting into a mission. Also, paratroopers have to undergo a course in which they need to jump from a high altitude of 33,500 feet.

The requirement for selection is at least 50 jumps. Also, they have to learn the High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) and High Altitude High Opening (HAHO). They are trained for air, water and land. Night and weapon training is also given.


To accomplish a particular mission, infantry weapons are required by the army men. The military personnel’s finger should always be on the trigger. The weapons play a vital role in their life.

indian paratroopers weapons

The Indian paratroopers use the deadliest weapons in their missions. Some of these weapons are:

  • Pistol Auto 9mm 1A – Semi-automatic pistol
  • Glock 17 –Semi-automatic pistol
  • Beretta 92- Semi-automatic pistol
  • Heckler and Koch MP5- Sub-machine gun
  • Micro Uzi-Sub-machine gun
  • IWI Galil-Assault rifle
  • Mauser SP66-Bolt-action sniper rifle
  • SVD Dragunov -Semi-automatic sniper rifle

Operation Cactus

Recently occurred incident in the Maldives where Maldives President Abdulla Yameen declared an emergency of 15 days after his refusal to release the political prisoners from jail lead in the Maldives crisis. After this, ex-president, Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed urged India to help them to free Supreme Court judges and political person by sending their army.

Indian Armed Forces helped the Maldives by sending their best military men- the Indian paratroopers. Approximately, 400 paratroopers reached the Hulhule airport, the codeword used for landing on the airport was Hudia. Then the aircraft landed safely.

After that, some paratroopers got the orders to secure the Hulhule airfield. Some went to the male (football field) and rest were given the task to safeguard former president of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and bring him to the airfield. The Indian paratroopers handled the situation bravely.

This is why the Indian paratroopers are the best army forces in India.

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