Pablo Escobar-The Colombian Drug Lord

From being a street criminal to the seventh richest man in the world, Pablo Escobar was designated for great things. Pablo Escobar was the wealthiest and most dangerous criminal in history. He had a moneyed lifestyle.

Early life

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on 1 December 1949 in Rionegro, Colombia. His father

Pablo Escobarwas a farmer and his mother was an elementary school teacher. Pablo studied at Universidad  Autonoma  Latinoamericana but never completed his studies and left the college without getting a degree.

He started his criminal activities from teenage. Pablo Escobar started stealing gravestones and sold them to the smugglers in Panama. He smuggled cars and cigarettes.

He was also involved in kidnapping people for ransom and selling fake lottery tickets.

Career as a criminal

In the 1970s, Pablo Escobar entered into drug smuggling. In 1975, he murdered Fabio Restrepo who was the local drug smuggler and Pablo took over his organization. Thereafter he became the founder and head of Medellin Cartel which was a Colombian drug cartel.

The shipment of over 80% of cocaine from Colombia to the U.S. was under his control that was nearly 70 to 80 tons per month. His smuggling career was going to be so impactful that by selling 15 tons of cocaine each day, he made $420 million a week.

Marriage and family

He was married to Maria Victoria Henao who was a fifteen years old girl in March 1976. They started dating each other when Escobar was 24 and she was only 13. They had two children- son, Juan Pablo

Pablo Escobar Married life

(1977)   and daughter, Manuela Escobar(1984).

His son Juan Pablo was called by the name Sebastian Marroquin. He became a motivational speaker. He wrote a book named Pablo Escobar: My Father. In his interviews, he used to tell people not to follow the path that his father had taken as it was not encouraging for the society.

When the Forbes list came out with an estimation of Pablo Escobar’s wealth of nearly $30 billion, his son said that they were not even close to it.

His work as a politician

Pablo Escobar's Political career

Pablo Escobar always wanted to become the president of Colombia but due to his bad reputation and drug smuggling career, he couldn’t able to pursue his dream of seeing himself as a leader.


In 1982, he was elected as the member of the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia. But after two years, he had to resign as his criminal activities were not hideous to everyone.

Killing of 4000 people

During his drug smuggling, he killed thousands of people including police officers, judges, locals, politicians and civil servants. He was also responsible for killing three presidential candidates, a justice minister and an attorney general.

He bombed a jetliner which included almost 100 people.His terror was so influential among people that everybody scared from him.

La Cathedral: Pablo’s personal prison

In June 1991, Pablo Escobar surrendered himself, he wanted a jail of his own. He designed a luxury jail and named it – La Cathedral. The prison was often called “Club Medellin” or “Hotel Escobar”.

It was a jail with a football pitch, giant dollhouse for his daughter, bar, Jacuzzi, waterfall, a gym, a billiards room, a disco, a sauna.

He selected his guards himself who were faithful towards him. He was imprisoned for five years.

Pablo on his run

While he was on his run in the jungles, he and his family were living in Medellin mountainside. There, his daughter got sick of hypothermia and to kept his daughter warm, he burnt $2 million.

He used a trick to hide himself and his family. He blindfolded them so that they couldn’t able to track their location. Whenever they found a familiar place, he changed their location.

Pablo Escobar death

Colombian law enforcement killed Pablo Escobar on 2 December 1993. In order to find him, the United States trained a special Colombian police force named as Search Bloc.

Also, his enemies made a group named Los Pepes to find him. The Search Bloc and Los Pepes worked together for the manhunt of Escobar. They killed him in a shootout with his bodyguard. It took 16-months of search effort and a million dollars to find and murder him.

To watch the full documentary of Pablo Escobar, click here.

Some fascinating facts about Pablo Escobar:

  • Pablo Escobar was known as Robin Hood of his times. He helped poor people of society by starting some programs for them.
  • Pablo was shipping 80% of the cocaine traffic from Colombia into the United States.
  • He was the seventh richest man in the world with an estimation of $30 billion worth.
  • The amazing fact about his wealth was that he spent almost $2400 per month on the rubber band to hold up his cash.
  • He bought a Learjet just to bring his money back to Colombia which could carry $100 million per trip.
  • While he was on his run, he bought a private bus where he himself drive the bus.
  • He had almost 800 house and villas and a zoo with exotic animals from all over the world.
  • Escobar’s death by the United States was the largest manhunt in the history.


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